Australian Police Academies

Australian Police Academies

I am now on the Gold Coast of Australia looking to go to the police academy at Goulburn first. I was there in January of 1986 as you can see from the two previously posted pics. There’s been a lot of water under this bridge since then and I am excited to share use-of-force techniques and tactics with law enforcement trainers across this great country. If you are in law enforcement, what would you like to know about how police do their jobs in various countries? If I were to make up a list of control tactics rules (akin to range safety rules) what would they be?

  • Always watch their hands
  • Never turn your back on an arrestee
  • Stay off the ground if at all possible
  • Handcuff before searching
  • Always search the crotch

Please send me your suggestions. I will compile and condense the top ones for use in my book on this matter.

Please follow me on Instagram as the Traveling Tactical Trainer ( and send me your thoughts. Help guide my travels and study. If you have solid contacts anywhere in the world please pass them on and I will do my best to show up. Cheers!

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